Friday, July 20, 2007

Prophecies from Together on a Mission 2007!

Here are the links of the God-honouring awesome prophecies that were given from the main platform at TOAM 07. I must admit I was surprised not to have seen more considering how many there were last year. The Scriptures say there should be 2 or 3 per meeting but at some sessions there was one or none. I did wonder whether it was because the anointing of God was so heavy on the meeting and He had come simply to bless His people and make His Presence known - surely sometimes He can do that and not bring direction every meeting! He is Lord however - and what was brought was fantastic;

Prophecies from 1st Session TOAM 07! - Dave Stroud and Julian Adams.

Prophecy from 2nd Session - TOAM '07! - Dave Holden.

Prophecies from 3rd Session - TOAM 07! - Guy Miller and Julian Adams.
Two Prophecies from Session 6 at TOAM 07! - John Lanferman.

I will add more as I get to them and when Newfrontiers make the audio recordings available I will try and transcribe the appropriate ones! God was truly among us!

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