Monday, July 23, 2007

Tidal Wave Prophecy from Brighton 1996!

I was sorting through my old Archives of Newfrontiers Magazines looking for quotes that should be going on the Post-it Notes blog and I was stirred to read this quote in a report of various conferences by John Wilthew in the Newfrontiers Magazine - Winter 2000.

This was the prophecy:

"The tidal wave is not coming, it has come. But it isn't moving forward, it is growing in height. And as it does this there comes a point at which it can no longer go higher, it has to break in total fullness on the shore".

This was John Wilthew's comment on it:

"This powerful prophetic word set the tone for Brighton 96 International Leaders Conference. The picture of the wave kept reappearing through the week ... You couldn't get away from the idea that God was about to break out in a mighty way on the shores of the nations".

I find that incredibly stirring and enormously encouraging! That prophecy was given even before I was baptised in the Holy Spirit and had even heard that there was a Holy Spirit to be encountered and experienced in power - never mind even dreaming that God would give me a powerful dream of the tidal wave heading towards the shores of Brighton! Isn't it amazing how He works in themes and gives the same message again and again. The meaning is clear - God is going to break out! And may it come soon!

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