Monday, July 16, 2007

Prophecies from 1st Session TOAM 07!

The context of the first prophecy and it's impact on me was that on Saturday Scott and I were walking along the pier in Brighton and I was feeling quite low and worried about the future of the conference and whether it would be worth it. I had to pay for both Scott and myself and in my present financial climate £200 is quite a bit of money. I said it a couple of times; "Will it be worth it".

So David Stroud then got up and prophesied this (I kid you not):

"You asked "Will it be worth it?". I want you to know My children that it will be very worth it. I have new things to speak to you. Be assured - I WILL pour out My Spirit this week. My burden for the nations is such that I cannot miss out on this week! My Spirit is here and He will come upon you!".

Julian Adams then followed by prophesying;

"I see a picture of a vehicle being pushed up a hill - there are different vehicles, different license plates. But this week is going to be a week of the tipping point. We are nearing the crest of the hill. At present we are trying to push it to make it happen but the Lord is saying; "This week the surface will change and you will slide faster than ever before. You will gain a momentum this week. A holy acceleration! Get ready! This isn't about man control. This is a momentum of the Spirit".

I LOVE the prophetic! I am not saying that the Word of God would be not enough without it but by obeying the Word of God - I am amazed at the depth and fullness that the prophetic gift brings to the body of Christ! These two words meant for me that the conference took off with a holy awe declaring "God is among us!".

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