Monday, July 16, 2007

Prophecy from 2nd Session - TOAM '07!

There was just one prophecy in the second session from Dave Holden but it was powerful and life-changing. He said;

"The glory of God is coming to us and will lift our heads and change our perspectives. As the Spirit of God moves us now, we will feel increasinly our heads being lifted up from our troubles and our trials and will lift our heads so we see things from heaven's perspective".

Even as he was prophesying I could feel the atmosphere becoming electrically charged in the room as the Spirit again began to brood over the gathered thousands and I could actually see heads lifting up and smiles appearing on people's faces. Yes we are not trouble-free. Yes we haven't wafted to Brighton on clouds of glory - most of us have trudged, crawled, struggled through the mires of the Slough of Despond - but now God was coming down and was showing us that this all had worth and value from on high!

Awesome God!

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