Monday, July 16, 2007

Prophecies from 3rd Session - TOAM 07!

There were two prophecies in the evening session - one from Guy Miller who is the lead elder in Bournmouth and also fathers the Wessex region in Newfrontiers. The other was from Julian Adams - who by then I was increasingly beginning to love and look forward to what he had to say. He has such a vivid pictorial view of what God is saying and was saying through him and his passion runs through everything he says.

Guy prophesied;

"Can you smell it? A holy fire! A furnace has been stoked. It is 10 times higher than before - but it is a purifying fire. Swords that have been broken will be mended. Mighty swords - men refined in the refiners fire. We are to step in deeper to the Holy Spirit's fire. This is a time of blacksmith's forges. I saw 4th July fireworks over China, over Africa. I asked God whether these were the signs of celebration but He said no. As those fireworks over the Titanic were mistaken for celebration, so are these. These are distress fireworks. These are the signs of distress. People are burning! Our call is to go. What began as a purr ends in a roar. What began as a whisper ended in a shout and the nations wait; "Jesus Christ is Lord!".

I must be honest - I didn't manage to scribble down much of Julian's prophecy because I was tremendously affected by it and was busy awestruck by the wonder that God speaks today and to us for our situation! My only hope and prayer is that it is recorded and can be transcribed later when it is made available.

But he saw a picture of a beautiful book - it was the story of Newfrontiers. The history has been captured in snapshots and there is much to celebrate. However the pages began to turn and he saw that there were many blank pages still to fill. In fact more blank pages than full! God was saying through that it is our job to get up and make sure we act worthy of being recorded in this book. Let us not become consumed with the past that we forget the future and the mission ready and waiting for us!

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