Monday, July 16, 2007

William Branham Videos!

During his sessions at "Together on a Mission" Rob Rufus made reference to the somewhat controversial William Branham. I know something about Branham through Ern Baxter's friendship with him. I have found two key videos on You Tube about Branham. The first is one that demonstrates Branham's incredible manifestation of the Word of Knowledge. Nearer the end of the video Branham accurately diagnoses the woman's disorder then her name and her address and then goes on to pray for her healing. It is quite breath-taking! Note ... it is Jesus Christ who is declared as Lord and therefore glorified. According to the Bible doesn't that make Branham genuine at that time?

The second is a more personal one where some pastors get to sit down with Branham and interview him personally. I am not denying (as neither did Rob Rufus) that Branham ended his life falling into error. Ern Baxter said it was because he did not stay within the gifting that God had given him. I didn't know that Kenneth Hagin had prophesied his death as Rob Rufus told us though. But the reason I post these videos is to try and continue to keep our faith raised. It is the desire and will of God that these giftings are restored to the church!


Unknown said...

What you see here is the last sign
that Abraham received before he received the promised son,This is also the last sign that the Church receives before she receives The
promised Son.It is a manifestation of Heb 4 vs 12-13 As for brother Branham falling into error, prophets dont fall into error.For the Word of the Lord comes to them.
When they asked brother Branham to speak at the Ministerial Association of Greater Chicargo,The Lord told him "That they have a trap set for you on your teaching of My Word",And then proceded to tell him about the room they thought they were going to have, and were everyone on the platfom would be seated.Dont you think that same God,Who spoke to him lip to ear,would tell him if he had fallen into error.If all your life you have been taught that a cow is a horse,Then your going to have a hard time when you come across a horse and told that it is a horse.God told brother Branham that his message would forerun the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ,The Apostle Peter speaking about Saint Paul's epistles, said that in them were things hard to be understood,2Pet v16,They said of our Lord Jesus" this is an hard saying" There may be many things in brother Branhams message that are hard to be understood,But the Lord has said "that when He the Spirit of truth is come,He will guide you into all truth,for He shall take of the things of Mine and reveal them onto you" He that hath an ear let him hear.

Muralidhar said...

I think I have the right to ask a question here: If William Branham was in error, and Dan Bowen is correct, can I expect Dan Bowen to do greater things than the prophet (yes, I call him prophet, that's what he is) did? For instance, let's start with the healing of congressman Upshaw. Or Kari Holma being raised from the dead? Kari Holma still lives and that William David Upshaw walked during the last few years of his life can be verified from the official documents of the Unites States Government. At least these two are indisputable miracles.

Sir, I don't know who you are, but I believed Christ and the Bible (I was born a Hindu, taught to be an atheist and brought up a semi-communist) because William Branham proved that the Bible is true: both in power and life. When I had no direction in life (I knew not why I was living, if death was the ultimate climax to all things), it was his uncompromising exhortation that "THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD AND HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST, and that JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER", that gave me hope in life. Though I read the Bible before, it is when I read his sermon BEYOND THE CURTAIN OF TIME, that I was convinced that what Paul said (Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor the mind of man conceived what God had prepared for those that love Him) is right, and that death wouldn't end me, and that there is hope beyond it. Because here was a man who was "doing the same things, and even greater things". Someone proved it to me. Can you prove that your teaching is as good, if not better? Hey people, it is of you, that Jesus said, "neither they enter the Kingdom, nor let others enter it".

Unknown said...

Further to the above, Here are a couple of quotes of brother Branham that you might find helpfull.JESUS CHRIST THE SAME 58-0323 P:0022 And if there's anything you lack of understanding, something that you do not understand, my associate Brother Vayle here, is available at all times to explain anything that seems mysterious to you ministering brethren, or wherever you are, or any lay member, anything. If there's a question, if we ever preach anything, or do anything, that's not a promise of God in this Bible, you got a right to come to us and ask us like brethren. And we ask you to do that. We ask you as our brothers and sisters to come to us. We want to be servants of Christ. That's what we represent the world around.
Broken Cisterns 64-0726E P:38 37 Today I was talking with my good friend Dr. Lee Vayle, who's present now. And he's quite a theologian. And so we usually have some pretty good discussions on the Scripture. Very smart, and he asked me one time what I thought about the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost, was it speaking in tongues? (It's been many years ago.) I said, "No, can't see that." He said, "Neither do I." said, "though I've been taught that." He said, "What would you think would be a evidence?" I said, "The most perfect evidence I can think of is love." And so we got to talking on that. And then I thought, "That sounded pretty good." So I just held that: If a man's got love. But one day the Lord in a vision straightened me out, and He said that the evidence of the Spirit was those who could receive the Word, neither love nor speaking in tongues, but it's receiving the Word. And then Dr. Vayle was saying to me that that is Scriptural. He said, "Because in John 14 Jesus said, 'When He, the Holy Ghost is come upon you, He will reveal these things to you that I've taught you, and will show you things to come.'" So there is the genuine evidence of the Holy Ghost. He's never told me anything wrong yet. That it is; the evidence of the Holy Ghost is he who can believe the Word, who can receive It. 'Cause Jesus never said, "When the Holy Ghost is come, you'll speak with tongues." He never said, "The Holy Ghost come you'd do any of those things," but He said, "He will take these things of Mine and show them to you, and will show you things that is to come." So there is the genuine evidence of the Holy Ghost according to Jesus Himself.

Daniel Ngugi said...

Dear Brethren, If any man be a prophet of God, He is God's mouth piece. He can never make an error just like God can't. "Second commandment" compare it with the ARK OF COVENANT and the BRAZEN SERPENT that Moses raised. A virgin shall conceive, while everybody was waiting for Emmanuel of Bethlehem, meantine Jesus of Nazareth was healing the sick, raising the dead and preaching the Gospel. Who ended being a loser ? What about today ?
All that was said by William Branham has and will come to pass. Am a witness and believe every bit as it compares with the Bible.

William Branham was not in error and was a true prophet of the Gentile Age.

Daniel Mwangi

Anonymous said...

William Branham was indeed a Prophet to the Gentiles. As a man, he made mistakes. As a vessel used by God (although he did not speak as a professor/doctor, but very commonly), the mysteries that were tied up were revealed. Those who are predestinated to see will see. Those who were not simply will NOT see, no matter how much evidence you is that simple.

And, the message of the hour is very simple...Babes will understand and know, whilst many of the intelligent and learned Doctors, Professors, Bible Scholars, Priests, etc will miss it completely. This was why they missed Jesus...and many of the Prophets of Old.

It was only for believers anyway.


Kim Kozak, SPHR said...

This man is the messenger angel sent to the last church age.

Until 2 years ago, I was an athiest - I drank, smoked cigarettes and pot everyday, often dabbling in hard drugs. Pervese sexual deeds online, and using Gods name as a cussword all the time. Nobody had to counsel me, teach me, or walk me through anything. I didn't go through a program or take a "long time" to become a Christian.

I heard "Jezebel Religion" and God delivered me from my sins, after I repented. No with drawls. He placed in me a Spirit that threw awal ALL of my movies, CDs, and disassociate myself with everything I found entertaining. This was IMMEDIATE, and a result of the revelation of God's plan for His children. I even stopped using his name in vain without having to "catch myself" first.

Brother Branham was just a man, and full of errors himself, but God has to use someone to speak through. Revelation of the denominational spirit as the daughters of the great whote, the catholic church as the great whore, and America as the beast that will give power to her is the word to our age. It will come to pass, and we must stand on it All other ground is sinking sand.

That doesn't mean that the people in the catholic church are devils, they are our brothers and sisters, but they worship a man, and make images thereof. It is true that if they die believing that the pope is Christ's spokesperson, and praying to Mary on their death beds, they will go to hell. It is the sacrifice of Christ, and His blood that saves us. It cleanses us. If you just start going to church and trying to live right, then there is no clensing. There must be a change.

It is only by revelation that we understand how satan uses women through the ages. I have 2 college degrees and am fairly successful (seeing as I chose not to work in so many other devil-posessed jobs where I could make more money) and always saw myself as independent and being able to take care of things. A strong woman - a feminist spirit. But Jezebel Religion revealed to me that Eve didn't eat an apple. She had sex with the devil. He wasn't a serpent until afterward. There are modern examples of promiscious women having bi-racial babies...a prostitute recently had a black, white, and an asian baby because the sex acts were comitted so close together. Cain is of that evil one. He is not listed in Adams lineage in older translations of the bible. Modern bible scholars assume they forgot to put that in, so many translations have it. God said for woman to submit to man, and be silent in church. Branham had Pentecostal roots, and women weren't allowed to preach in those days. Now, they are. You see the spirit moving. People used to worship in the spirit to gospel songs sung to allow an entering-in. Now, what they call worshiping in the spirit is rocking out to worldly music that would be popular if they just changed the words to include "adult contemporary" themes of today. They confuse the anointing of the flesh as the true thing. Discern which spirit it is.

Anyhow, I just hope you will listen to what Brother Branham preaches for YOURSELF and not what other professors, bible scholars, and teachers have to say about him. Don't be like the friends of the Sadducees and Pharisees who respected the learned man's opinion, and didn't "Come And See" for themselves.

God Bless You,
Sis. Kim

Anonymous said...

Te evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit is indeed not speaking in tongues, since many do not speak in tongues, and we know that it is not mentioned that all that came of faith on the day of Pentecost spoke in tongues, or the thousands more.

There is one evidence of being born of the Spirit Jesus described
( you are like the wind, from which people do not know where it comes from, nor where it goes to)
Secondly there is one evidence that Jesus describeed, which nis very clearly in the Scriptures written, that is streams of living water, then there is the evidence of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, 9 of them, also written in scriptures.
So I doubt that if Jesus would speak to a men ( who could have found this in the scriptures) he would not mention the so clear sign of the streams of living water, and would not mention the 9 fruits, and would not mention that keeping the Word is the condition to receive the Holy Spirit.
And if we receive the Holy Spirit, He will lead us in all truth, he will remind us of all words Jesus has spoken, and streams of living water will come out of us.
So let our teacher be Jesus, let our teachers be the apostles who instructed us in the bible, let us learn from them.

Then we will discern any wrong teaching, and discern spirits which are misleading

Anonymous said...

"That sounded pretty good." So I just held that: If a man's got love. But one day the Lord in a vision straightened me out, and He said that the evidence of the Spirit was those who could receive the Word, neither love nor speaking in tongues, but it's receiving the Word"

Before the crucifiction many believed in Jesus, received His Words , definitely because of the Holy Spirit, who leads the people to believe in Jesus. On the day of Pentecost three thousand received and believed the Word that Peter preached. In this sense is understood that receiving the Word, is receiving Jesus. And Cornlius was filled with the Holy Sprit after he heard and believed.

To receive Dunamis, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, is for those keeping Jesus'commandments, the evidence? The fact they are keeping the words, the living water, the fruits, and gifts.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I disagree with you that Bro. Branham was in error. And if He was, then what would be the meaning of Mal 4:5-6, Rev 10:7 etc? I wish to call to your remembrance the life of Christ - a prophet too. During His ministry 2000 years ago, He also reached a point where he taught "disturbing doctrines" such as eating His flesh and drinking His blood - whose meanings we now know, and the Bible says that many of His disciples walked with Him no more - He was left with only 11 genuine ones. We also read somewhere else in the Bible where people believed that Jesus was in error, but He told them to believe the works if they did not believe Him, for the works testified of who He was. So was it with Bro. Branham, the works testified of Who was doing them. To me, Heb. 13:8 can't be more real in this day.

Secondly, Pharisees and Saducees were well educated Theologians, and Jesus was illiterate [most apostles too], but their works proved that it's not by might, power or education, but by God's Spirit.

Thirdly brother, God is not a show-off. He wouldn't send someone to just have gifts for show without a ministry - God's not interested in numbers and popularity; The Father's business is not just about miracles and emotions but preaching the Gospel, and in these final days, it is to reveal the *unwritten* Word - Rev. 10:4, Dan. 12:4, 1 Cor 13:9-10 [for some reason, people like to hang on to that being done away].
I pray that you get to understand that the one who performed those signs in Br. Branham does not fall in error.

God bless you.

Bro marrion said...

error comes with a start in error, but if you dont start in an error then you cant finish in error. bro Branham is predestined for eternity and it only takes the eternal to understand the eternal things from an eternal revelation.

jp said...

Saints,the time for show down is over.Everyone who saw it has taken a side.Those who ever heard the mesege by malachi;4:5 therefore John 9:41 applies.With God it's always the majority who miss it take for instance;three thirds of heavenly angels became corrupted and were cast down to earth,the whole world minus seven people rejected Noah's easy mesege, ten of the twelve spies brought back wrong report about the land, four hundred and fifty were false prophets while only one(Elijah) was a true one, seventy one out of eighty two deciples of our Lord Jesus Christ went back to strengthen their denorminational creeds and dogmas.With these few examples,you who is still being tosed to and fro by "waters' waves"(people's opinions) ask God Almighty to show you the Truth.Br Branham preached christianity therefore be a christian now or anti-christ.Let Him(Jesus) send us with the word to that lost one who has not yet come in the Sheep-fold rather than the ones who were rejected in the fold.Eria J.P.Godbless you...

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that where others say Bro. Branham fell into error is what made him God's prophet. The gifts God used in his life are inspiring. Myself, I have experienced healing while reading the Spoken Word sermons. However, it is the spiritual insight into modern day events, and a tying together of scriptural truths which vindicate his calling to be the messenger to the last Gentile church age,and to the Bride of Jesus Christ. As he preached, there was a voice behind the sign. REVELATION 1:1

Anonymous said...

Reading recommendation:
A Logical Refutation Of Branham's Message

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Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ manifested himself through William Branham who left his ministry not because of so called errors but because men called him "their savior", etc. and broke his heart. Two were in his congregation.


Anonymous said...

can someone make a comprehensive response to "a logical response to branham's messages

Anonymous said...

The Blood of Jesus Christ, Our Perfect Lamb is What God see faultless not us.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Repentance means: Change your mind. Many had to be baptized over because of the name and how they were baptized. Could religious systems have messed up the approach to God for the leading of the Holy Spirit to see clearly? This is the first step 99% of people who search out God, fail to approach him correctly. 99% of the world missed Jesus, Noah, ext, ext. It's designed that way to keep the Honest, pure, undoubting hearts to God's Word.

Mugsien said...

God. Bless saints bro Branham did in fact make mistakes but these has nothing to do with our salvation.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Brother Branham was the messenger from God and prophet messenger of our time and he never make an error that he is being accused of. He never even want to enrich himself with the gift of God he had which most of the accusers are doing today with the litle almost nothing gift they have. Br Branham foretold of his own ending to the church when he say I'll never pass 1965 as God showed me. What manner of man was he who can tell what you are thinking? That was Christ manifested in flesh,so to say God manifested in flesh like he promised in His Word that these very thing shall come to pass. If realy the devil is making people so blind not to see the truth and instead the they with wrong sprit from hell do what they did to our Lord and all His servants. Stand up people. Can't you see that the devil is playing same trick on you that you end up rejecting the very same Christ that you claim to be worshiping like those who did it on Christ? WAKE UP PEOPLE WAKE UP. TIME IS SO MUCH FAR SPENT THAN YOU THINK. ACCEPT THIS VERY CHRIST THAT WAS PREACHED BY THIS GREAT GOD'S PROPHET AND GOD'S SERVANTS OF OLD FOR WHAT HE PREACHED IS ALL BLIBLICAL .


BY Peter