Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Two Prophecies from Session 6 at TOAM 07!

There were two significant prophecies during the worship just prior to David Devenish coming to speak. The first one was from a man who I didn't know but he prophesied;

"This is a prophecy for fathers. It is a crossing over time. The elders must first go into the water of the river Jordan. The tendency is to let the crowd move in and across but it is time to demonstrate supernatural life - that has lived on the anointing of others. You fathers must demonstrate to them the power of the Holy Spirit! If you would cross into a new land, will you step into the water? As you do this there will be a tremendous crossing over behind you!".

John Lanferman - the father of Newfrontiers churches in the USA - then came up and prophesied along a similar theme. Once again God brings the same thought from different prophets;

"God will allow us to touch a new generation! He has prepared the earth for a massive great ingathering. The Lord will release a spirit of compassion and mercy upon us as we prepare to receive this great ingathering - the Lord loves the lost! We must too".

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