Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back from Brighton and Working!!


We have just arrrived back from Brighton and "Together on a Mission". What can I say?! I think Simon Brading summed the whole week up the best of everyone. He said;

"We haven't come to a conference - we've come to encounter God".

And encounter God we did! Luke Wood's prediction proved right - I was totally unable to blog. This wasn't so much an internet connection problem as much as I spent most of the week wandering around in a daze saying "Wow ... awesome" a lot. Right from the first session God came down in power and efficiently and ruthlessly dealt with all my doubts and fears and came and met us all in power. It was the most AWESOME conference I have been to - why? Because it wasn't so much about the information imparted in the sessions but it was because God was present.

So my sincerest apologies. I promised to blog throughout and I didn't. But I am back now and eager to go through each session somewhat like I did last year and present you with a weeks worth of reading material. I pray that as I do, the Spirit of God will fall on you as you are reading and you can catch something of the heavy anointing and Presence of God that was brooding over this week in Brighton.

Life on Wings is Broke ...
As many of you have noticed by now - and confirmed by Pete's post - for some reason "Life on Wings" has gone off in a bizarre, confusing and troubling way. I don't understand why this has happened as I have no understanding of HTML anyway. However I am at work on it as we speak and will do my best to sort out the problem. For now - keep coming back to this blog because this is where I will present the reports of sessions from Brighton. I promise you it will be worth reading! Every aspect of the conference - the messages, the prophecies, the worship - were all touched by heaven!
It's fixed! I managed somehow (don't ask me how - it must have been the Holy Spirit!) to fix "Life on Wings" so hopefully business as usual there! I decided also to put a new template on this website. The prophets at "Together on a Mission" are prophesying a new day, a new era - so a new template is deserved! Hope you like!

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