Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dreams and Visions!!

One of the rather distressing side-effects to my problems at work is that I have been assaulted almost nightly by nightmares about the collegue at work I am having difficulty with. I say more about it here. I was driving back from a night shift this morning listening to Isi de Gersigny at the "Grace and Glory Conference" in Hong Kong and she made a comment about dreams that I registered. She was speaking about how sometimes in dreams men can appear - partners, husbands - and she commented that her husband Fini often appears in her dreams. She said she has noticed in her experience that the appearance of such men in dreams tend to represent God.

She made many other amazing comments - the notes from her session are here - and I drove on home and went straight to bed and fell pretty much straight asleep! Anyhow I had a number of vivid dreams and none of them were about Acorns - thank God! The one that stuck in my mind and I remembered when I woke up featured two men in particular. One of them was my former pastor - Dr Stanley Jebb. The other was Stuart - a recent entry in this year's UK Big Brother.

While I was at the gym I was pondering exactly what those two men in particular were in my dream and I reflected how grateful I was for Isi de Gersigny's wise teaching that brought light to this. If I hadn't heard her comments in her sermon I most probably would have felt guilty and condemned particularly about dreaming about Stuart. In past years I do quite frequently dream about men who have quite fit bodies as I do have quite a low self-esteem and have longed for years to have a physique I could be proud of. But in light of Isi's comments I thought this;

Both men had qualities that I greatly admire, long for and love and deeply long to nuture in my own life. Stanley Jebb (pictured in the middle - his wife Shirley is on the left) has one of the most incredible minds that I have ever encountered in my life. He has razor sharp logic and a passionate determination to leave no theological stone unturned. He has a love for God that is rare to find these days and walks in a relationship with God that is wonderful.

Stuart from Big Brother on the other hand has an incredibly fit physique that is the envy of many (including myself!). He has obviously developed an intense fitness regime with amazing results as well as being a man who defied the "cliche" male image. He was very sensative on Big Brother, displayed incredible respect for the women on the show and spoke often about his young 4 year old daughter who he obviously adored.

Initially I wondered whether this dream was simply a projection of my desire to have Stanley's mind and intellect with Stuart's body and physique - but remembering what Isi de Gersigny preached I began to get the sense that God was trying to impress on me that the appearance of these two men in my dream was actually HIM. We cannot see God maybe with our physical eyes, although I do increasingly believe we can expect to see His glory. But maybe this dream was a way of Him communicating to me in His grace and His love that HE possesses those qualities that I long for. A way of Him communicating something new about Himself that I haven't thought about - a way of Him speaking to me and saying that this is Him - and I am His son! His child! His beloved!

I should mention that for the first time in weeks I woke up feeling positive and cheerful and loved - a feeling that really highlights why Isi de Gersigny calls dreams; "Heaven's kiss".


Ursula said...

Beautiful Isi...how I miss my friend...and her wise wise words of wisdom! Sometimes I listen to her words on my ipod and they are JUST RIGHT for me for then...and I realise that when we teach from a revelatory realm, our teaching transcends time and situations...and reaches right into the hearts of men and women for years to come!

I'm loving dreaming...and loving the fact that I got such a firm foundation in dream interpretation etc from such a wise wise woman of God!

I love how God talks to us, and hides things in mysteries for us to discover...and when we miss it completely...goes PEEKABOO...SURPRISE...as with your CD!

So have fun and enjoy..and if you want to learn more about dreams etc...James and Michel Ann Golls book Dream Interpretation is one of the best around!

Blessings on you Dan...be blessed!

Jamie said...

Hi, we know of you, but don't know you. I think our circles overlap, maybe. :)
Thank you for sharing this...
I dream and then I DREAM. Some dreams I can figure out and some I'm still pondering. I will have to check out Ursula's book recommendation.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Dan I know this is about 5 months late....but I remember reading what you wrote about feeling specifically to command Scott's healing...and have just read it again below.

I got so discouraged not once but twice...in high places of praise in meetings..each time feeling specifically to declare this paralysed girl's healing. And like you said, you feel the Presence of the Holy Spirit...but nothing changes...in fact things got worse. And one of the horrible things is that you could even hear the devil's scorn coming out of the girl's mouth, when I used to visit her room. But a flag had been placed in the soil...and about 6 months later direct revelation was given to another of the girls in the Bible House of what obedience steps she must take on behalf of the paralysed girl.
She was told to get up at 5am for a period to pray for the girl. As she did this, little by little God gave more and more practical steps. Getting the girl up, out of her bed for longer and longer periods. The most key revelation came, when it was seen that below all this girl's pages and pages of ailments..was the simple belief that she was unloved by her Dad. However this was confronted, I cannot remember the details...but when that key was unearthed, I think it was only a matter of 6 weeks before she was living a relatively normal life. A bout a year later, she was 90% normal, and shortly after married a Spaniard and went to live in Barcelona.

I think God knows our faith and anointing capacities...and these victories get built into us...such that as, Todd said, he doesn't really have to think much about praying for deaf people now.
I am excited for England...as we refuse to cowtow to English scepticism and believe the Word.

I guess being around Bill Johnson, or Rob Rufus, or even Morris Cerullo, and many others like Rheinhardt Bonnke is a great way of letting the anointing be imparted to us as well. Literally thousands upon thousands of pastors worldwide now, have had their ministries turned around in an absolute instant in Morris Cerullo events....as you experienced through Isi.I loved what Don wrote too.

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks so much for your encouragements guys - all 3 of you. The trouble with running so many blogs is that I get single-mindedly stuck into something. At the moment it's typing up Rob's sermons on "Grace and Glory blog" - but not forgetting my personal development and walk. Really appreciate it - your advice, your comments!