Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whose Laid Hands on You??!

I had quite a bizarre thought occur to me when I was walking home from work today! I was listening to my IPOD and some of the wonderful prophetic music from the "Glory and Grace Conference Hong Kong 2007" and suddenly an image flashed into my mind. It was this one from my Facebook profile. Isi de Gersigny graciously agreed to be my friend on Facebook - and it was this that I saw. I considered that for a moment and then remembered something that happened to me when I walked through the fire tunnel at the "Glory and Grace Conference".

"And as I was staggering forward I suddenly felt Isi touch my hand with her hand and my chest over my heart. As she did that I felt an electric volt - literally - shock through her hand and go through my body and to my chest!! It was incredible!! When she did that I just found it harder and harder to stand up and the Fire Tunnel people were so so amazingly helpful!! They just gently and lovingly guided me forward and kept praying "More! More!" over me!!".

As I remembered that awesome impartation - a kind of white flash that came from her hands to my body, it started me thinking about impartation and anointing. Rob Rufus spent quite a bit of time helpfully explaining the laying on of hands after his meeting with Bill Johnson and made it clear that when a recognised ministry lays hands on you - something can be imparted. Rob received something from Bill Johnson. That got me thinking. I received something from Isi de Gersigny - a recognised prophetic ministry who goes up into the 3rd heaven and sees angels regularly!

Why am I saying all this? To boast? Of course not - what's there to boast about?! I was just so blessed and fortunate to be at the "Glory and Grace Conference". Just as those who were at the "Glory Encounters" conference could receive from Joshua Mills or Kaye Beyer! I am saying this - because this week has been a particular tough one in terms of the doctrines of grace. I've felt strongly under attack and I've sensed disagreements coming into many of my close friendships. Even a disagreement with my best friend Pete about the best way forward in preaching the message of grace.

I felt this flash image reminder was a gentle, loving and gracious hint from my heavenly Father that I should remember and not forget who laid hands on me and why He allowed that. There is always a temptation in me to want to be the exegete, the apologetic. I do confess that! I love reading - I love writing - I love arguing and I love debating. But God was reminding me that the impartation I received wasn't a teaching anointing - it was a prophetic anointing. My friend Pete on the other hand DID receive a teaching anointing! One of the most key and profoundly powerful teachers in this country went to his induction service and laid hands on him at that time. But I haven't.

So for me personally (and any other people out there who also have a similar call, tug, anointing, impartation ... whatever) - what does this mean? Well a prophetic anointing only works if you are HEARING from God. Hearing from God means spending time with God. Hearing from God means letting God speak and not just filling the airwaves with my prayers, my intercessions, my wants and my desires! Hearing from God means basking in and spending time in His wonderful Word - seeing what He has revealed. A prophetic anointing only works if you SPEAK from God! Speaking what we see. Writing down what we see. Sharing what we see. Not speaking what we think and what we feel - but what GOD thinks and what GOD feels.

One more thing .... I do feel I want to spend more time listening to Isi de Gersigny speaking at her home church in Sydney and (if possible) go and spend time there one day. That impartation came for a reason and I'd like to follow in the footsteps of this awesome passionate lover of God!


Anonymous said...
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Peter Day said...

Awesome post! I also had this thought about your penultimate paragraph -

Hearing from God means basking in grace, resting in the assurance that you are seated in the heavenlies right now, knowing that as you walk this earth you are under open heaven, all the time, and that you can hear His voice anywhere, any time, in any and every situation.

It is so wonderful!! So let's fan into flame the gift of God!

Ursula said...

Hi Dan!

Searching for stories of Glory and I find one close to home. I go to Jubilee, and Fini and Isi are good friends of mine. I got to come, somehow for 9 months of training of a sorts, it was a God thing...and my life has changed. Had I known what was going to hit me, I probably would have run! Isi has prayed for me and since coming here I've moved in the prophetic like never before. I regularly go to the third heaven and see angels, and speak with Jesus. And most importantly fall more and more passionately in love with Him. I was lucky enough to have Bill Johnson pray for me, and have to say, his impartation has been of great consequence. But the next morning, I went into a vision in Heaven where Jesus was holding something white. I asked Him what He was holding, and He said to me this, "This is the Impartation that Bill prayed over you, BUT I am the giver of all good things, now do I give this to you." I realised that the impartation from someone is a great thing - and I'm not taking away from that in any way, but it is ultimately God who gives - and chooses what to give - does that make sense? He is the imparter.

Its my prayer that you grow deeper and deeper in love with Him, that you do grow in the prophetic like never before, see visions, go to the Third Heaven and experience angels...That you touch HIS heart...and step into His eyes of Fire!

Loads of Fini and Isi's teachings are on our website ( take a look! You will be blessed by the testimonies after Glory and Grace on our side of the world!

Blessings on you - and I know the feeling you are talking about...haha...she prayed for me and my world got wrecked! Yay God!

jul said...

I loved this post Dan, especially the last part! You always inspire and stir up my appetite for more of God!