Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Selected from the Crowd!!

I received this wonderful prophecy today from a dear friend of mine who doesn't know much detail about my personal situation, problems or challenges. But it came like a wonderful embrace from the Father!! It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear at this time - particularly answering challenges about acceptance in my family and feeling like I am "never good enough". Isn't Abba awesome?! And isn't this an absolute demonstration of how vital the gift of prophecy is to fight the good fight BY the prophecies given!?

Here it is - it is just too good to keep to myself. I am living in the power of Rob Rufus's recent word; "The Power of Testimony". I passionately believe that as I share what this prophecy did in my life and how it encouraged and blessed me, that same Holy Spirit can do the same in you as you read it and bring the power and encouragement that YOU need if that is the case.

So I pray - be awesomely blessed with power from on high!
"Dan when I read your text about being at the family wedding this weekend and all that you were feeling in light of that time I was reminded of David out in the fields while the other seven were presented and being 'as it were' the forgotten one and I just really felt that I had to tell you;

That you are not the forgotten one, you are not the one that is left outside while all the others are presented, you are not the one to be ashamed of, the one who doesn’t meet the grade – in fact the opposite – you are the special one, the chosen one, the treasured one, the one hand-picked, the one that He is singing over, delighting in, you are the one that He sees and smiles as He recollects those special times with you, those moments away from the busyness, away from the crowd, away from the pressures, those moments when you have been swept away by His compassion, His love, His heart for you, His rejoicing is stepping up a gear – something new is going to break, something new is on the edge of being released in your life and as you hear the voice of your father calling you in from the fields it will be a time of anointing, of commissioning, of calling, of taking you to a higher level – there is so much more for you and it is going to burst forth, there is so much for you that will not be held back by your past, by others, by any mistake you have ever made, there is a banquet laid out in honour of you – yes you!

He is celebrating over the fact that you are His, He is delighting in the fact that you are present. He has not forgotten you, you are not ‘shelved,’ you are not required to meet a certain grade, you are not required to fit a certain mould, you are not to look at your history in despair – but now is the time to look forward, to know expectancy rise in your heart for your Lover is an awesome God, your Lover is the maker, creator, sustainer of the Universe – there is nothing outside of His control, there is nothing that you need that He is unable to provide, there is no situation that you are concerned about that is out of His jurisdiction, there is no heartache that is beyond His healing and no dry area of your life that is beyond the water of His Holy Spirit, there is no circumstance that He cannot break in and alter, there is nothing for Him to fear for He is God so there is nothing for you to fear because He is your Father.

I feel such a sense that you need to bask afresh in your security in Him- He isn’t about to change His mind about loving you, He is not about to alter His opinion or downgrade His love! Be secure Dan because you are a Son, an heir – your inheritance is yours, there is no chance of you being left out, missed out or disinherited. Today is a day for looking up and realising that He is going to take you by the hand and take you forwards and onwards and upwards – you are not destined for the mire, but the mountain top, you are not destined for the sinking sand, but the soaring on the wings of an eagle, you are not destined for being forgotten and left in the field, but for a powerful anointing, for an equipping and a calling that doesn’t start once you obtain a certain level – oh Dan feel His tender heart towards you, His great love for you!".

:-) Yes that was an emoticon! I'm feeling very very loved right now.


lydia said...

Wow, very awesome Dan!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. It fits well for what I'm dealing with myself lately. I long to hear our Father God singing this over us. I can't wait to see what He does in your life as well as my own & others' lives, too!

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks Lydia and "A"! Really glad that this word of prophecy has proved an encouragement - it really makes me glad that we've decided to not keep these words to ourselves but to share them because the abounding love of the Father is so wide-reaching and it may be that many many others may get blessed from this!

So I am so glad! Amen - may we all hear the Father's song over our lives.

Anonymous said...

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