Friday, February 22, 2008

Grace + Glory = REVIVAL!!

I had an extremely exciting day today - one of much revelation where I virtually felt like I had a glass stuck to the wall of the Holy of Holies and was listening in on the council of God. If only I could learn how to walk into the Throne Room itself ... ! But anyway. I exchanged a couple of texts with Pete Day and he said one very interesting thing which provoked an awesome vision. In his text he said (I should explain I have leant Pete my iPOD next week when he goes to the Life in the Spirit Conference where Sam Storms is preaching);

"Wow. Thank you so much. In the few minutes of trying to figure it out (the iPOD), God has already spoken! I heard Rob say; "The Grace and Glory Conference is now open!". And God spoke to my heart; "Grace and glory is open! - Now, here, wherever are we are living in grace and glory!".

Suddenly without even thinking about it, I saw a vision of being back in my GCSE Chemistry. I didn't like Chemistry and wasn't very good at it but we were shown a chemical reaction by our teacher very similar to this one;

And I felt God say; "My grace on it's own is indeed a sign and a wonder. My glory on it's own is wonderful to behold and many long to come into it. But I tell you this - the one who hears My voice and learns to bring My grace and My glory together will experience and see a reaction far beyond anything you have ever dreamed! The reaction will be far greater than even this:

He went on; "But whereas these reactions have been used for hatred and for war, when you see My grace and My glory brought together in simultaneous combustion, the shockwaves of life and power shall shake the earth and send principalities and powers screaming for cover, for finally My Church will have learnt the truth - that at the Cross I legally bound the powers of hell - and now nothing not even hell's gates can stand against the relentless advance of My Kingdom and My glory shall cover the earth as waters cover the sea!

So bring the truth of My grace and the power of My glory together and sit back and watch ... ".

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