Monday, February 11, 2008

Giving away the glory!

I need to share a dream that I had last Saturday night (or actually early on Sunday morning):

I was standing to the side of our church, in one of the side aisles, when a man that I had never seen before came to me and asked me to pray! I laid my right hand on his head and just said "Fire!" (yes, very Rob Rufus, but that is what I said in the dream!) The man just collapsed onto the floor!

But then he began to reach out to me, and he said to me, "I can see the glory on you, but I can't receive it; give me the glory!"

And then I woke up.

It was such a vivid dream and I asked the Lord about it. I believe He spoke into my thoughts - "I want you to have a heart to give away. Enjoy the glory, bask in the glory, but give it away! Bless others and let the glory flow through you!"

It is such an awesome encouragement, and a wonderful call. So much glory, let us give and bless!


jul said...

cool dream, and I want some too!

Dan Bowen said...

Yes!! Yes yes yes!! What this dream has provoked in my heart, is that we simply and utterly need to step out in faith and start trying!! Rob's talking in this latest sermon I am transcribing (Session 3 at Dubai) about even our shadows healing the sick and driving out demons. That we simply walk into a room and the demons get driven out by the sheer fact that our presence is overshadowed by THE hovering manifest Presence of the Most High!!

Now I actually seriously need that at the moment. There is person at the hospice I am working at, who I am convinced is demon possessed. A hospice is meant to be a place of safety and security for desperately needy children and this person dominates the whole place in an uncanny way (even though she isn't the head of care or anything). Everyone is uncannily afraid of her and her word is law. And what is so outrageous is that the children are suffering because of her presence.

I long to be so overshadowed by the Presence of the Most High that when I walk into that place of (meant to be) healing and care, that the demons would manifest and GET OUT!!

But our faith must grow surely. Our faith must come as we see results. And how is that going to happen if we just sit passively waiting for the power of the Most High to come and make us do something?! Just as when we received the gift of tongues, WE had to open our mouths and speak - so surely with this, we actually have to take a risk - go and pray for someone and see what happens!

My "test subject" at the moment is Scott. He's got really bad eczma and spends hundreds of pounds on creams and attempts to heal it. So I am praying for his healing. I am commanding his healing! I am speaking out for his healing. And I am sad to say as yet nothing has happened.

But I really believe this dream of Pete's will come true. That one day I am going to lay hands on him and he will fall under the power of God yelling out "FIREEE!!". Because the fire of heaven has fallen on him!!

lydia said...

Yay....this was very provoking and encouraging.....!!!