Monday, September 10, 2007

Prophecy from Terry Virgo at Stoneleigh Bible Week 2000!!

"My love, My grace is made available to you for participation in the Holy Spirit. I come to be your partner, to have fellowship with you, says the Spirit. I come to come alongside. I love it when you call Me alongside, when you lean into My strength, feel My energy flooding you, supporting you, enabling you. I am here to grant you an ability beyond your strength. I am here to do works through you that bring glory to the Saviour. I am here to flood your life with confidence in God. Therefore enjoy the fellowship and participation of the Spirit.

I am here to communicate love and faith to you. Drink in My Presence, not as a mere emotion but as energy for your soul. Life for you to live by, strength to run with, even as My servant Elijah outran the chariot he was enabled by the enabling of God, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. I come to fellowship with you, I come to strengthen you and I come not only to ease you but also to fortify you with My enabling power. As you go from this place, you will have been fortified by Me, waiting upon Me, hearing My word, feeling your spirit rise up, soaring, mounting above circumstances, delays, bewildering circumstances, refusing to allow Satan to put you down by events.

I am making you soldiers who learn how to gain strength even in the midst of difficulties, delays, things that cause your mind to be filled with questions but no longer allowing questions to be the end of the story for now you have fellowship with the One who sees the throne, that seven-fold Spirit ever before the throne, ever knowing Who is ruling. He is here for you, He is here for fellowship, He is here to fortify you, to make you soldiers, energised with strenght. Receive from Me, receive empowering, receive grace, receive strength".

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