Monday, September 10, 2007

Prophecy from Terry Virgo at Stoneleigh Bible Week 2000!

"I believe God is saying, "Receive My grace, receive it! I want you to turn off the tap that is giving you discouragement, anxiety, self-pity and I want you just to take the hande and turn it off. Just turn it off. Just say, "I am not taking from that tap anymore. I am just not having it! I refuse it!". Be anxious for nothing; don't give yourself to self-pity, if only sadness and bad attitudes. Just say that you are not having it and just turn that tap off by the power of God. Now turn on this tap, this tap that says, "Abundant Grace". Receive it, receive it, this is for you, keep receiving even in these moments of worship, praise and celebration. Be receiving, grace, grace, grace. Just open up that tap and let it flood you, flood you. Don't the mixture. Turn off the negatives, really receiving mercy, grace and kindness".

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