Sunday, October 08, 2006

Terry Virgo Prophesies at CCK, Brighton.

"A Page that is About to Turn".

This prophecy is particularly significant for the church at Brighton because it was given (I believe) around the time that the church was commencing evening celebration meetings in conjunction with the word given to the church - "7 x 2 = 14". The prophecy concerns change - a dreaded feature in evangelical circles! Although it was given for a specific time (8th May 2001) to a specific people (CCK) there is so much that can still be benefited from here today in 2006. It is the goal of this website to set the record straight concerning spiritual gifts and one of the ways that this can be done is to present "model" gifts. Terry Virgo, while being an outstanding Bible Teacher, is one of the most biblically grounded prophets that I have come across and this makes his ministry credible.

"Seemed like a solid block of pages, like something dense with weight, locked together. I want you to feel the excitement of a page that is getting loosened up. I want you to feel the excitement of page that is about to turn. I want you to feel excitement that what you have read and re-read is about to be replaced by another page that is going to turn. You are at a stage of page turning and what was solid and what seemed dense in weight and like a block of paper, you're to feel the breath that is coming under that page, it's about to turn. I say to you, you are in the midst of transition and to turn and look with new excitement at what is written on this new page. I want you to look like you have never looked before. I want you to drink in what I am going to show you. I want you to realise that I am moving on with you and I want you to give attention to things you see and hear in these days. I want you to be ready at home on that page so you don't close it again, that you don't return to familiar turf and territory, that you say 'I have got this down, I know this page' - I want you to live in the excitement and vulnerability of a new page that is turning. I want you to say, 'No this is my page. This isn't a foreign page I feel that I belong here, I can settle for this. I am going to live on this page' and I want you to embrace the turning of the page says the Lord. I want you to recognise even to know the sense of movement, feel the excitement that this page is loosening up. It's about to turn. I want you to avidly read what is there.

I want you to follow the story. I want you to know that I have not called you to a static path. I have not called you to be the defender only of what you have thus far. I don't want you to have a fortress mentality. I want you to know the excitement of pressing on, experiencing more and going on with Me - this is My call to you. I call you to grow, this is not something that you frighten you or seem strange to you - this is the great essence of life, that you grow. Therefore I say to you, beware of the dangers of defending everything you know, standing only secure in what you have proved. I call you to the adventure of learning new things.

I want you to expect to meet me on this page. For I am the one who is turning it. I want to expand your faith, I want you to see everything not as randomly turning like some leaf blown across the page of your life, this is not a leaf from a tree, it is not a dead leaf flying around. This is the page of a book. I am turning this leaf. I am moving on with you says the Lord. I want you to be expansive in your expectations. I want you to grow in your expectations. I want you to expect more from me says the Lord. I need your response in that. I look for your willingness in that, I look for the vulnerablility of stepping out of the boat and onto the waves. I call you to a new place of willingness to be out of your depth, willingness to feel awkward trusting Me rather than feeling safe on the page you're familiar with says the Lord. Therefore notice I am doing it and if you will give Me your heart, your attention and your intense commitment to Me, I will make you at home on the page. You will lead others who have got entrenched into new territory says the Lord. It's time for a breakthrough and it's time for you to lead others through.

As you exhault one another everyday and communicate faith to one another, as you turn your back on any evil heart of unbelief I will open up a new territory to you says the Lord. I will make this a season not for mere observance but a season of inheritance says the Lord. Therefore take this word to your heart and fulfill your destiny hand in hand with Me. I don't call you to go alone, I simply call you to not pull back, for I will go with you, I will lead you in but I want your responsiveness, your enthusiasm to commit yourself to My cause and My purpose says the Lord".


Anonymous said...

This was an awesome prophecy! I come from CCK and I think I remember Terry bringing this to the church. The atmosphere after he had spoken was electric as I felt it.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you encounter authentic apostolic ministry. More please Terry!