Friday, September 29, 2006

Terry Virgo Prophesies at Brighton Leaders Conference 2003

This prophecy is another that sticks powerfully in my mind because I remember it reduced me to tears. As will become clear it is music to my ears for an "Avid Resurrectionist" such as I! This prophecy speaks of the awesome truth - Christ doesn't still hang on a Cross. Christianity is not symbolised by a Cross, or even an empty tomb but a throne! The earth is the Lord's! He reigns! May the words of this prophecy resound as you read!

"Because the great work is done - God is reconciled! The great work is done! Righteousness is given - peace with God is accomplished. The great work is done! Resurrection is established - eternity is secure - demons are defeated! The great work is done! A victorious Saviour sends His Spirit among you - the great work is done! The great work is behind you! There's no greater work to be done - there is no greater mountain to climb. The greatest mountain has already been climbed alone by your Saviour. The great battle is already fought, it's behind, it's history. The great thing is done! The burden's light My beloved! I have done all things needful - I have supplied with all My heart and with all My soul for the building of this house.

Now I have chosen you. Go and build it! Go and build it. Go and find those that I have foreordained to eternal life. Go and hear - even as My servant Paul heard, "I have many people in this city". Go knowing that I am with you! The great work is done! Go and offer peace terms already worked out and already established. Go and offer - proclaim - declare - it's a finished thing! It's done! Sin is forgiven! God is reconciled! Peace terms are offered! Go My beloved - the great work is done! I have written the history ordained for you. I call you now - devote yourself. Enjoy My love, My delight, My song over you. Enjoy My fellowship with you. Experience the freshness of My touch on a daily basis! The great work is done - I don't call you to some awful task as you look on the world in all it's need and all it's oppression. As you look on pain and agony from continent to continent. I still want you to know - the great work is done! The cross is behind triumphing over all evil! There God dealt with sin once and for all!

Go and tell! Go and proclaim! It's a done deal in heaven. God has established His great purpose. My yoke is easy and My burden is light. I come with you My beloved into all I have called you to do. I invite you into fellowship, partnership, comradeship. I want your trust when there is delay. I want your celebrating heart when you're in prison and your back is bleeding. I want you to grow. The great work is done so go, go now. Go dancing says your God".

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