Monday, January 01, 2007

Dave Devenish Prophecies at Stoneleigh Bible Week 2000!

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom and we, who with unveiled faces all reflect or all contemplate the Lord's glory being transformed into His likeness with every increasing glory which comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. I believe God would say to us, "I have been revealing and I want to reveal to you again, what is the passion of My heart and the direction of

My strategy for you during this time together, that is to so demonstrate and flood you with My Presence that your lives are utterly transformed individually as churches and as a people together. That is what I am saying to you. I am here this time to flood My people with My Presence but that I am doing that in order to bring amazing transformations into your lives.

I want to speak to you about that strategy. To some of you, I am coming with Presence as individuals suddenly, as I baptise you in My Holy Spirit, as I heal your bodies, as I confront issues in your life that need to be sorted out, as I deal with sin, as I speak to you about things you know you need to change. as I do that, I am doing it by My Presence, the Presence of My Spirit coming upon you to transform your lives. Also for some of you I am doing that by direct intevention, others of you I am just flooding you with My Presence as you worship Me. I want you to sense that, I want you to sense that as you worship Me you sense My transforming Presence upon you. Also as I bring My word to you, I say I want to wash My Bride with the water of the Word.

That is what is happening, I am flooding you with My Presence trhough My Word because I am washing you to transform your lives. So I want you to know that is My strategy. For many of you it is individual change, individual sanctification, individually becoming more like Jesus, individually getting hold of My purposes for your life, individually experiencing My power for your lives. It is individually experiencing more of My pasison and I am igniting passion for My Son within you. I am calling you; I am speaking to you about direction for your lives, all that is My Presence among you as individuals.

I say to you as well, "I am here. My Presence is here to transform you as churches. My intention is to flood you this week with My Presence so that churches go back transformed".

I wanted to catch you up more and more as a bride for My Son. The same spirit that motivated the apostle Paul when he said, "I desire to present you as a church, as a chaste virgin to Christ" so I am doing that. I am bringing that passion upon you this week so that you are catching that Spirit so that your churches are transformed to be much more people who love My Son and are passionate about Him. I am also transforming you because as My Presence comes, that is how you become the outward looking churches that I have already spoken to you about. This is how you become a city set on a hill that is how you become the salt of the earth, as you bathe in My Presence.

I am preparing you as churches for a new day in this nation and for the other nations from which you come because I am calling you. The day will soon come when the mountain of the Lord will be lifted up higher than the other mountains, when the local church will be seen in communities as a city set on a hill. It is the transforming work of My Presence that is doing that for you.

As a family of churches together, I am also bathing you in My Presence this week. I am bathing you with My Word this week, bathing you with the glory of My face shining upon you this week in order that you, as a family together, may enter into all the promises I have called you to. Your effect on the nations, your effect upon this world, your effect upon the church across the world, your effect in new nation after new nation for you into unreached people groups, I would say to you that is My Presence that is going to do that. It is when I came upon My people in power that they were sent to the ends of the earth.

That is what I am doing for you, I am transforming you by the glory of My Presence, that is My heart for you, My passion for you, My strategy for you as a people this week.


Peter Day said...

This is a powerful prophecy. It witnesses with what you suggested concerning Rob Rufus' word on your ern-baxter blog - something has started in 2006, and will surely overflow into 2007.

Also last night's watchnight service at my friends church, Worldwide Mission Fellowship, was further confirmation. The word God gave them for 2007 was "Payback year." The text was Proverbs 6v31. We were challenged to say to the enemy "enough is enough" and regain the stolen territory. The whole meeting overflowed godly faith-filled optimism that real ground will be taken in the year ahead. And the Lord gave signs following His word - a number of people made commitments to the Lord, including several that had been prayed for all through 2006. In the first minutes of 2007, they entered into the Kingdom of God. Hallelujah!

But we mustn't be complacent. When we receive a word of encouragement and promise, we need to be careful not to sit back and just wait for it to happen. Elijah was told that the Lord would send rain on the land, but still in 1 Kings 18 - even after the victory over the prophets of Baal - he prayed for it to be fulfilled.

So let us thank God for the words through His prophets, but let us lay hold of Him in the secret place for the mighty fulfillment of them.

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks so much for this awesome comment dear bro. The sense coming from Worldwide Mission Fellowship seems to totally back up the latest blog on "Life on Wings" - that something big is brewing!!

You are absolutely right though. These exciting pointers are no excuse for passivity!! When Elijah heard the promise of rain, he continued to intercede and plead before the Lord UNTIL he saw the cloud as a man's hand. I'm not sure we have seen the cloud yet. The call is to passionate intercession.

As I texted you - the United Kingdom desperately needs prophet/watchmen and intercessors at this hour!!