Sunday, August 27, 2006

John Groves Prophesies at Together on a Mission 2006

I felt that this prophetic word from John Groves - the leader of Winchester Family Church - must be transcribed next. John has been used of God very powerfully and consistently in Newfrontiers over the years. One of his prophetic words formed the title of Terry Virgo's book; "No Well Worn Paths". Another prophecy that he gave at Brighton 2003 was extremely well received and so influential that Terry devoted a series of teachings to it at the Apostolic Conference in Switzerland - the "Half Time Team Talk". Anyone who heard it will remember it well. This careful biblically-based word demonstrates again the error of a phrase like; "No mates - dates - correction or direction". The prophetic is key for directing us in tandem with the Word of God and the community of God's people. So to this prophecy:

"I love My creation says the Lord. I get a lot of fun out of My creation. I love making things and I love to weave into them My wisdom says the Lord. And I get a lot of fun out of watching people trying to understand My creation. I laugh sometimes at their explanations of things. But they reflect My wisdom and I love making them. I love the small things. I love the detail. I love you says the Lord. I love you. I want you to look as I've told you to look at some of the things I have made.

The ants that are creatures of little strength yet store up their food in the summer. They don't live for today. Don't live for today My children! Store up treasure for yourself in heaven. Be wise. Don't just live for yourself. Like My little ants. I quite like watching My ants. They've got a lot of wisdom. They don't just store up for themselves, they store up for the community, for the future. Store up treasure for yourself in heaven.

Then I've got some nice little furry animals - called the coneys. They are creatures of little power but they make their home in the rocks! Such a simple answer really. They hide in the rocks. Why don't you hide in Me? Some of you are very nervous, very scared little animals but I am a strong rock! Hide in Me! No wolf will get you! No lion can get you when you are in Me - that roaring lion. He can't devour you when you are in Me. Hide yourself in Me. Don't try and tough it out. A coney is not able to tough it out but he can hide in the rock.

Then there is the locust! They don't have any king but they advance in ranks. I have told you - you can do more together than you can do alone! Don't do it on your own - stay together! Don't go off on a tangent, hopping about like a silly little single locust. Somebody is going to stamp on you before long. You don't need to do that. You stick with the other locusts. It's much more fun and it's more successful. Don't go off alone - you can do more together than you can do on your own. Don't form your own little locust group - stick with the other locusts! I have called you to work together. I have called you to be an armada. You can be a swarm of locusts. You've been a herd of elephants - you can be a swarm of locusts! You can devast the devil's kingdom. You can obliterate the devil's kingdom! You can do him serious damage together. Serious damage!

And then there's the lizard - some of you are little lizards that can be caught with the hand but is found in king's palaces. There are no limits to where a lizard can go. Anywhere! I tell you there are no limits. It's not your strength - I am with you. You can be in king's palaces! Some of you are called to go into places of power. Some of you are going to go into government situations. You are going to influence them. You say, "I'm only a little lizard". No! You are going to go into king's palaces. You are going to go into a government situation. You are going to talk to those who rule nations. And you are going to influence them - because you're My people. And when I'm with you, your size, your strength is irrelevent. I am going to take some of you into king's palaces. Some of you are to look for opportunities to just go through that crack into the king's palaces. Be ready for it. It's going to be a calling for some of you.

I love My creation and I love you. And I who made everything - I made you! Look at My wisdom around you. Let Me make you wise. Let Me use you for My kingdom's extension to bring My glory down says the Lord".

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