Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ginny Burgin Prophesies at Together on a Mission 2006

The second prophecy I feel must be read was given by Ginny Burgin. As I mentioned in my report from the conference, Ginny is an unusually gifted woman who is most well known for bringing the word that predicted the outpouring of grief following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. I have heard her bring quite outstanding words of knowledge before about different ailments (sorry Mark!) but never a direct prophecy - so this was especially stirring. Here it is:

"Sometimes I see kind of movies and I think I'm just going to tell you what I see and hear. I see two words - one is "Proclamation" and one is "Authority". And I see a man and he is unlocking some gates to what looks like a huge wood yard full of sticks. And I am approaching this man with questions and it is like he knows the questions that are in my mouth before I ask them and he is answering my questions before I ask them. And he says to me, "These here, as far as the eye can see, these that have been locked up for a long while now, this represents the authority of the church. That authority that she laid down - every one of these sticks belongs in the hands of a believer. And I am about to open the gates because there is going to be a restoration of authority to the church of Jesus Christ. A restoration of proclamation and a restoration of authority for see what there is in the world".

And then I get to see into different living rooms and different buildings around the nation and around various nations - not just in this country and it's like I can see into these families and I see radios and televisions and I see groups talking about what the latest news is and I hear these newsbroadcasters and I hear these stories and they are all difficult things. And it is like someone is saying, "Disaster upon disaster is being proclaimed!". And it is just the same in every nation. And I look at this man and he is just looking at me and not giving me an explanation. So I just carry on looking and it is as if I begin to feel the emotion of the people. I beegin to hear the questions rising and feel the feeling they are experiencing. I hear the questions, "What will happen next?". "What will my children and my grandchildren have to live through?". "How will I cope?". "How will my family cope?". And I begin to feel the emotions in these people welling up across the world. And the emotions are ones of anger and frustration, of loneliness and despair and the isolation of withdrawal. But most of all the emotions are ones of fear and being threatened.

And I look at the man and he says to me, "Everyone is battling. The battle seems to be for national identity or for culture. But that is not where the battle lies. The battle is a spiritual one. And the battle is a battle for faith and belie. And I tell you there is going to be a restoration to the church, for can you hear the heartcry that comes from these people?". And as I look I satart to hear a cry and I start to hear it louder and louder until I want to cover my ears because of the cry that is coming to the church and it is louder and louder. And it says;

"Wake up! Why are you still sleeping? Wake up! Get up! Call upon your God and perhaps He will turn on us and have compassion on us and save us!". And the cry just gets louder and louder to the church. "Wake up! Why are you still sleeping? Get up and call upon your God that He might have compassion upon us and save us!".

And I begin to hear another sound and it is the sound of a rustling in the leaves in the tops of the trees and I can tell that there is a breeze. And I am listening to this deafening cry coming to the church and then I notice that the trees are beginning to bend and the wind is getting stronger and then I hear another voice and this voice shouts out to the church as well. It shouts out; "Prophecy! Prophecy! Prophecy to the wind! Prophecy over these dead souls that they might live! Proclaim to these dead souls that they might rise up and live! Call upon to these people to stand and then call upon the wind to come! Call upon the mighty powerful wind of My Spirit to blow! Call upon the very rock of My breath to come and bring that which was dead to life, to come and bring death to be overcome by the power of life. Prophecy and proclaim to those that are fearful! And let those that are fearful rise up a great and vast and mighty army!".

And I look and this man is still there. And he has opened the gates now and he is beginning to get a bundle of these sticks in his hand - these great rods. And he says; "Now is the time to awaken from your sleep! Now is the hour to awaken! And hear the sound of the trumpet call and know that I am restoring proclamation and Godly authority to My people!".

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