Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Prophecies from Together on a Mission 2006!

I am so grateful to God for the recorded message! It reminds me of how quickly I forget the awesome truths that were deposited at that awesome conference! Rob Rufus - the visiting speaker at Together on a Mission - prophetically stated that; "A change was coming with the Church set to make a greater impact". This backs up the message from Terry Virgo's new book, "The Tide is Turning". I have been listening to Rob Rufus's sessions again and have been so encouraged and excited by his feeling that the greatest demonstrations of signs and wonders are yet to come. Can it be His will that it is just the Terry Virgo's or Ginny Burgin's or Dave Devenish's that exercise the level of the prophetic? Surely He wants more and more of His people to rise up and move out in faith in the gifts of the Spirit!

So I am going to type out some of the prophetic words that spoke to me in particular from the conference and my prayer is that they will stir faith in all who read them. That God will excite belief that we too can step out into the miraculous life of the Spirit! So here's the first prophecy:

Terry Virgo:

"Prepare yourselves for a Kingdom in stark contrast to the one in which you live. I am not inviting you to something mildly better. I am not inviting you to a lifestyle much like you already know but slightly improved upon. I call you to a foreign city, a foreign lifestyle. I call you to something altogether other than the values that surround you, that impose themselves upon you day by day. I call you to another kind of Kingdom that is going to last forever - where I will be the eternal glorious King - where there's no need of sun or moon for the King Himself shall be the light.

I want you to know that you have been able to eavesdrop on the plans of eternity. There is a Kingdom coming and I have told you all about it in my Word. I have spoken to you about it's value system. It stands in total contradiction to the value system all around you. Therefore don't miss the Kingdom, My beloved. Don't miss what it is to get ready for the coming King. For He will brush aside all that does not stand. He will brush aside all that is in contrast to the Kingdom that His Word describes to you. One of upside down values, one of great servants who pour out their lives. Those who lose their lives gladly - throw them away and discover them. Those who cling to their lives even using religious jargon shall lose them.

I am telling you in advance that this Kingdom is radicaly different to anything that you have seen and yet I have told you about it in My Word. I call you to diligently to seek first My Kingdom. This is not a religious phrase! This is a call to a radically different lifestyle that cuts the roots away from where you where born. It cuts you out from things that shaped you. It's another kind of Kingdom that flows from My perfection, My beauty, My holy fury at sin. It comes from the Person that I am therefore do not hide yourself from every revelation that I give you. Don't stand back and explain away things that are out of step with your culture but throw yourself headlong into the revelation that I give you. Let it grab you - let it shape you.

Get ready for the Coming King! Don't be surprised at My coming. Don't feel out of step when the King comes marching along. Don't be forever skipping to try and catch the pase of this new step - this new march. I don't want you to feel out of step - I want you to feel when the Kingdom comes in glory - yes I am in step already! I can hear it in my heart - I am making decisions about finance and all kinds of issues that are perfectly lined up with this Kingdom. I have been set free from this passing age. I am already stepping in.

Therefore don't only lift up your voices in song but lift up your lives to a magnetic pull and tug upon you. You are called to the eternal Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ therefore live as those set apart for a great Kingdom handpicked and chosen by the King who wants to enjoy your fellowship and draw you into His Presence. Therefore get ready for the coming King. Hear His march in your heart. Throw away values that don't fit the Kingdom that's coming. Be ruthless! You are highly privilidged My beloved to know that the Kingdom's coming! You are highly privilidged. You are in the light - all around you people are in the dark and set up standards appropriate for darkness. I won't slightly improve upon them - I cut right radically through them and I want you to shine forth with that kind of clarity says the Lord".


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WOW!! Amen!!

Anonymous said...

"Eavesdrop on the plans of eternity" ... ooh ... *Shivers* :)