Monday, August 28, 2006

Terry Virgo Prophesies at Together on a Mission 2006

The next prophetic word came again from Terry Virgo. It again impacted me quite greatly in a number of ways and deserves a wider audience than just the four thousand of us in the Brighton centre. It was by no means "easy listening". But I believe that if the truths of it can be lived out, it will have devastating consequences for the kingdom of God. Furthermore it demonstrates the fact that not every charismatic lives in a "ghetto" of an obsession with spiritual gifts.

The particular aspect of the prophecy that has continued to live with me is the end part about the unpredictable. I have tried to put this into practice varying things in my life that have become tradition and seeking to look and see God in the unknown.

"I want you to embrace every change that I bring to your life. I want you to embrace it with joy and not fear. I want you to understand that change will often be painful and difficult, unexpected and sudden. I want you to know that I work to a master plan. I want you to know that I work to an ideal. I looked on you when you had nothing to offer. I looked on you in your weakness, your sin and I saw you with a gaze that would have amazed you. I saw what you could be - I saw what I was going to make you. I could speak into you in your vileness, your weakness. I could see right into your heart and I could see what you were going to become. I could see you coming as a prince into My Presence - a princess flowing in beauty and glory. I can make you noble - that which was spoiled could be noble! That which was wrecked by others - I can put together with such abandonment and joy. That I can work upon you with such creative skill - I can get rid of things that spoil and always make you turn to fear, make you turn to the negative. I can transform that in you but I will sometimes take you through the frosts and the cold and the difficulties that make you cling to Me.

I want you not to fear change. I want you not to fear what I am doing in you for these experiences through which I take you, they are all to this one goal - into changing you into the image of My glorious Son. I have a wonderful image to work upon in you. I have brought forth a magnificent Son on the earth. I have demonstrated a beautiful life and I will transform you more and more. Therefore I tell you not to fear the days of pressure. I want you to encourage you not to fear uncertainity. I want to set you free from that natural tendancy to cling to the known - to feel safe with the predictable. I want you to step out more into My world. I want you to come out from where men would shape you with their training and fears and their sin-shaped thinking and I want to take you by the hand and say, "Come with Me into a new world where faith is the key, where love constantly motivates, where hope for the future abounds, where joy knows no limit". I want to take you into a world that cannot be cultivated in the old world.

I don't want you to cultivate character in the old world - I want to take you by the hand and say, "Come with Me into the springtime - can't you feel the springtime breaking on your soul? Can't you feel the warmth of My Sun? Can't you feel My purpose to change and transform you?". I want you to understand - I do this with love and great certainity and purpose. Therefore embrace change. Embrace change! For I shall present you to Myself with great rejoicing! I shall celebrate My handiwork! Therefore understand this - it comes through My activity in your lives together. I want you to respond with all your heart. I want you to not do the predictable into the future. I want you to not always take the same journey home. Always the same route, always the same path. I want you to escape and look and see - experiment! I want you to move into territory where I am there. I am waiting for you out there. I am waiting for you where I can manifest to you My sufficiency in the unpredictable says the Lord".

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