Sunday, December 30, 2007

Your beautiful new clothes

I have a real burden on my heart that God's people would have revelation of the complete miracle of grace, and the spotless righteousness that Jesus has given to them. I will be posting more on this over at The Best is Yet to Come, but I just felt I had to share a precious vision that the Lord gave me this morning during the worship song at the close of our morning service.

We were singing this:

Lord, I come to Your awesome presence,
from the shadows into Your radiance;
By the blood I may enter Your brightness:
search me, try me, consume all my darkness -
Shine on me, shine on me.
(Graham Kendrick (c) 1987 Make Way Music/Thankyou music)

And then I saw so clearly a memory from 14 years ago when my little three year old sister was trying on her bridesmaids dress for our wedding. She was standing in front of the mirror, radiant, with a radiant face, twisting and turning and looking at her dress in amazement.

And the Lord spoke into my heart -

"It is time to stop looking in the dirty mirror that reminds you of all your sins; your sins have gone completely. Come with Me, come and look at your lovely clothes. Come and stand before Me, and look into the clean and spotless mirror of My presence. You have beautiful new clothes, they are radiant, they are clean, they are spotless, they are shining, they are beautiful. Look at your beautiful new clothes. They are yours, they are special - and you look... perfect. Come and stand in My presence. You are dressed for My glory."

I don't know if any who read this blog feel that they need to hide in the shadows because they feel dirty. I want to share with you, dear brother and sister, it's a lie. There is no need to hide any more. He loves you. He has clothed you radiantly and you are fitted for His glory - you have been given beautiful new clothes of His spotless righteousness.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. :)

Dan Bowen said...

Awesome - awesome - awesome. I wept as I read this. :)

lydia said...

What a great picture....yes it's time to rise, shine and put on the beautiful garments the King has given so freely....

I am getting so excited to see what God's going to do this New Year.....!!!!!!!!!