Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where Do We Look? The Sand or the Horizon?

I was deeply challenged by Pete's recent post on this blog called; "Waging Warfare By Prophecies Given". I have been thinking and wondering about the methodology of writing prophecies down since Jesse Phillips discussed it here. Obviously I don't want to get into a legalistic desire to blog or to blog prophecies, but I do think there is a lot of value in remembering the prophecies God speaks and gives because if we forget them, then we can't fight a fight by them!

I was walking home from work today (trying to preserve the atmosphere, save petrol money and make time for God in one fell swoop!) and I felt God show me a wave lapping up and down the beach somewhat like this;

And this came to my mind;

"As the wave draws back and another wave swells on the horizon, for a period there is momentary nothingness on the beach. You can become obsessed with the nothingness and can spend your life staring at the wet, damp but drying sand and you can develop theologies of the nothingness ...

Or you can lift up your eyes and look to the horizon where the swell is growing and growing and growing and the wave is coming and coming and coming and will break on the beach, bigger than the last, more powerful than the last and far more wide-reaching than the last.

Where will you look? Will you continue to state at the damp but drying sand? Or will you lift your eyes and look to the coming wave?".


Peter Day said...

This is a truly awesome word!!

Jesse P. said...

Thanks Dan. I found this very encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this encouraging word! It is fitting for me personally right now as well!

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks for the encouragements guys ... I am so glad that this was applicable to other people as well!! Really pray that God blesses you this Christmas period and makes His manifest Presence known and loved to you all. D x