Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Realm of Glory that is Here ... NOW!!

I had an incredible experience tonight that I feel needs documenting so I don't forget it. Before I detail it, I listened to Rob Rufus's return to his church in Hong Kong after a few weeks away ministering in South Africa. The Spirit of God came down so powerfully that no sermon was preached. It was just pure worship ... and prophecying. Rob prophecied this;

"There is a move of the Spirit coming that is stronger than any other move before. There is another realm of glory that is available NOW – it’s not going to come – it is here now! The glory of the Lord has risen upon you New Covenant people!"

I reflected that it is easy to accept that prophecy when you are in Rob Rufus's church in Hong Kong! But is it quite so easy during the week in Birmingham!? That being said, I went off to a night shift tonight and was humiliated to find that I wasn't actually meant to be in so had to return home. I was waiting for the bus in the city centre feeling quite grumpy and put out when I felt a shiver of excitement and anticipation sweep over me that I have come to recognise is the Presence of God (as Rob Rufus taught at Brighton).

I felt God say this to me;

"I am about to sweep across this land in unparalelled and unprecedented power like the world has never seen, known, anticipated or experienced before. I am going to come in such strength, fury, power and Presence that every colour, every tongue, every sexuality, every race will bow the knee and acknowledge My Son as Lord. No longer will they remain indifferent. They will deny or worship Me for My Presence will be manifest through the corporate glory of My Bride - the Church and no longer will it be something to be jeered at but kings, governments, rulers and dictators will say of My Bride; "Great grace is upon them".

As He was saying this, my mind flew to what Rob Rufus said; "it is here now!". I remembered a clip from a film called "Volcano" starring Tommy Lee Jones that I saw years ago. There came a point when they realised that the lava had already broken through and was flowing underneath the city in the sewers and drains. They only realised the severity of the situation when through each vent and drain there came an explosion of steam and fire.

I found the very clip on You-Tube. It is here and it's quite dramatic. I hope it illustrates what I saw;

I felt God go on;

"So it is. It will not be called the "London Revival" or the "Brighton Revival" but this will simply be without label for everywhere there is a "vent" there, the outpouring of My Spirit will explode. The bigger the vent, the bigger the explosion. It isn't coming! It is already moving beneath you so unblock the wells of your fathers - remove the rubbish of the Pharisees and you will find that it is flowing".


Don said...

Quite exciting, Dan - I like the idea of the fire already being around us, just waiting to be uncovered. And this part especially speaks to me: "remove the rubbish of the Pharisees and you will find that it is flowing." The gospel of God's Grace, as Rufus teaches on so well, is going to be the tip of this revival spear.

I also am convinced that the revelation of the Father's Heart is going to be a major part of the next revival. People are going to experience - really feel - God embracing and hugging them, and I think we'll begin to hear echoes of Finney's "waves of liquid love!" testimony.

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks so much Don, I was struggling all the way home whether to share this but I felt lovingly rebuked by the Father who said, "Do you think I told you this for the gladdening of your heart alone?!". It really really excites me and awes me that the fire of the Spirit is already around and beneath us. I couldn't agree more - I was reading Rob Rufus on the bus and I am firmly convinced it will be legalism that kills off any future move of the Spirit. We must be grounded in the grace and pure love of God!!

jul said...

I don't know what to say except yes and yes and yes. I was driving through a small town (i'm in canada by the way!) the other day and i got tingly with excitement as God revealed his intent to truly cover the whole land with his glory, and that he was already there in an area i would normally sense demonic oppression. i'm absolutely convinced that worldwide revival is just waiting to break out and have no trouble at all believing what you shared here. God is already moving and brooding over the earth and it is definately this message of pure grace that will be the power of God for the salvation of great multitudes. i often wonder when we'll just start doing the work of the kingdom we know we're called to, and i think once we just step out in faith as we respond to a fuller understanding of his grace, we'll be amazed to see what God has planned for us.

Dan Bowen said...

That's so exciting that you feel that too! It's a completely biblical precedent that if God reveals something to one, then He'll have usually revealed it to others who are listening! I feel totally awed and excited that He has spoken, not because we are anything special but simply because this is the time and this is the place and we happen to be listening!

What this suggests to me is that there is something indeed worldwide that is ready to break out. No one country will be able to put labels on it and claim that particular move of the Spirit as their own. There will be no leadership in terms of a one man ministry to "go to". There will be no place to fly to for pilgrimdges because it's headquarters is in heaven! Everywhere He is welcome - He will come!

Peter Day said...

This is so amazing. As soon as I saw the clip I had visions of waves of glory bursting out. The time has come!