Monday, August 06, 2007

League of Charismatic Bloggers!!

My friend Jesse Phillips (who runs the "Resurgence" blog) has put his considerable skills to work and has set up this aggregator site (I don't know what that word means really!). But it's here:

League of Charismatic Bloggers.

Jesse is hosting it and the vision is simple yet powerful;

"We believe for an ongoing charismatic resurgence (see a journal) and the part blogging can play in it".

It's an exciting step. As I have said before, we seem to be continually in uncharted waters with the art of blogging (whatever that is!). Yet it continually excites me that the Church is moving away from consumer mentality where we sit back and expect our leaders to feed us, but are stepping out and writing what we are seeing!


Unknown said...

I'm pretty excited about it, too! BWT, I like the "new" look of your site!

Dan Bowen said...

Thank you!! Thought it was time to take the hoover (or vacuum cleaner) to work and tidy things up a bit!! ;)