Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Charismatica - Revival, Renewal and Referral Blog

Thanks to Janelle Phillips for this link - Charismatica. It is by Dr. Michael G. Davis who attends a Vineyard church in California. I have yet to read everything on the site but there is an incredible amount of material on this site and a lot of links that he has gathered together. Here's just a few that caught my eye;

1. Vineyard Blogs

2. Revival Ministries:

"Catch the Fire" - Guy Chevreau.

"Encounters Network" - Jim Goll.

"Global Awakening" - Randy Clark.

"Global Harvest Ministries" - C Peter Wagner.

"International House of Prayer" - Mike Bickle.

"John Kilpatrick Ministries" - John Kilpatrick.

"Jack Deere Ministries" - Jack Deere.

"Watch of the Lord" - Mahesh Chavda.

"Morningstar Ministries" - Rick Joyner.

"Revival Ministries" - Rodney Howard-Browne.

"Streams Ministries International" - John Paul Jackson.

"Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship".

3. Church Associations and Denominations:

"Assemblies of God"

"Association of Vineyard Churches"

"Foursquare Churches" - President: Dr Jack Hayford

"Morning Star Fellowship of Churches".

"Newfrontiers" - Leader: Terry Virgo.

4. Prophetic Ministries.


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ooohh...I'm busy packing so I'll have to delay but so many interesting links!

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