Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Hidden Treasure Discovered ...

These black files are the Ern Baxter Archive. There are thousands of pages of sermon notes there, that are taking wonderful hours trying to get through and read.

I have just discovered a set of 22 sets of notes on the 'Gift of Prophecy' that I really hope will be an asset to this website and to the general understanding of the prophetic in our day. I am utterly persuaded that the apostle Paul had an excellent reason for urging that we eagerly desire spiritual gifts ESPECIALLY that of prophecy.

My desire is that we grow in this gift to such an extent that 1 Corinthians 14 really does come true and we will soon see unbelievers falling down and exclaiming "God is really among you!".

Lesson 1: Prophecy in the Individual's Life.

by Dr Ern Baxter.

It is most interesting to note how many prophecies occur in the first two chapters of Luke's gospel in regard to John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus Christ. Personal ministry and revelation are as important to us and to our children today as those in the New Testament times. We are living in very important times in the plan of God. Our children need to know the plan of God for their lives just as the child of Zacharias and Elizabeth needed to know the plan of God for the life of John the Baptist. Let us read the scriptures concerning his life and note the important place that prophecy and divine revelation played in his ministry as the forerunner of our Christ. As we study, may the Holy Spirit impress on us the importance of prophecy in the life of all of God's people in this day.

1. So much was prophesied concerning John the Baptist before he was born.

- Luke 1:5-80 - v13-17 - The angel Gabriel's prophecy regarding John's birth and ministry.

- Note the allusion to the Old Testament prophecies. Isaiah 40:3- 4, Malachi 3:1, 4:5-6. (Matt 11:7-15, Mark 1:2-4, Luke 7:24-27).

- v 39-45 - Elizabeth's prophecy and her unborn babe is filled with the Holy Spirit.

- v57-80 - Zacharius's prophecy concerning his son John.

Luke 3:2-3 - Fulfills Isaiah 40:3-4. The exact prediction of John's ministry.

2. John obeyed the revelation God gave concerning his life.

- John 1:15-34 and 3:26-31 - John knew by prophecy who he was, what he was to do with his life and that he would introduce the Christ. He obeyed God, and remained faithful to the Word of the Lord. How wonderful it is to know God's plan for your life.

3. Discussion -

- Have you received divine revelation or prophecy?

- Has this been confirmed by the mouth of two or three witnesses to be the Word of God?

- Are you obedient and faithful to the will of God as far as you know what it is?

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