Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Description of Prophets by Bryn Jones ...

This description is excellent as laid down by a charismatic stateman. I've learnt quite a bit from it.

"Prophets can be described in the following ways:

1. People of God's Presence: They know what it is to enter the spiritual world of God's throne room Presence to hear the voice of God's counsel and see a situation from God's perspective. They understand what it is to stand silent and attentive in the council of God which is why God always shows His ways to the prophets and encourages His people to heed them.

2. People of God's Perception. Neither the eyes nor the mind of a prophet are imprisoned by the visible world. The prophets were originally called seers (1 Samuel 9:9) and they not only see situations but also hearts. They are able to apply the Word of God to the visible situation by the understanding and perception that they gain of it in the invisible world. The visible and invisible worlds appear as one to them. (2 Kings 6:15).

3. People of Revelation. Paul highlighted this understanding and depiction of the value of the prophetic ministry in the Church. Along with apostles, prophets have understanding and wisdom in the mysteryof Christ (see Ephesians 3:4-5, 1 Cor 14:28-30). They join with apostles in laying the foundation of understanding and practiced truth; they both establish and are it.

4. People of Confrontation: Prophets - emboldened with the Word of God and anointed by God's Spirit - are not afraid to confront authorities or situations.Nathan disturbed David's comfort zone by exposing David's sin in taking Bathsheba. John the Baptist confronted Herod with the sinfulness of taking Herod's brothers wife, ultimately paying for his stand with his life. Prophets deliver the word of God in spite of the possible or predictable consequences.

5. People of Demonstration: Authentic prophets are the embodiment of the word they are carrying. Before they call for people to come into alignment with God's will and purpose, they are themselves living in that will and purpose. Their lives are characterized by a commitment to God's heart and rule in all things. They are passionate for righteousness and justice. Their primary concerns are God's interests. This is why God is secure in His prophets to the point that He implied He wouldn't do anything without first telling them (Amos 3:7).

6. People of Motivation: Passionately enthused by the Word and the Spirit of God, prophets are able to inspire the faith of God's people and motivate them to pursue the task God sets before them. (Hag 1:13-14).

7. People of Perseverance: Not only do prophets motivate but they are also committed to seeing the Word of God accomplish it's purpose. They continue to provoke the people with God's current Word, keeping their hope alive and their faith active until the will of God is accomplished.

"Prophets are passionate for the interests of God. There is nothing mediocre about these men and women. Everything about their lives is passionate - what they hate, they hate absolutely; what they love they love absolutely. What they do knows no half measure".


Anonymous said...

Maybe an 8th position would be,

8. People of committment and fierce loyalty.

Committed, and accountable to the church leadership they serve under, and with fierce loyalty to scripture and all that it calls them to do, be and obey.

Dan Bowen said...

I like that. It bothers me that prophets always seem to have a somewhat touchy relationship with the elders of the church. Or is it only touchy if the church they are in, is not very mobile with a vision? Could it be that is when prophets get irate?!

But I agree - surely the best elders will govern the prophetic under the apostolic mantle and release their ministries so that it is a joy for them to be accountable to the leadership they serve.

And to be fiercly loyal to the church they are in, and the path they take to the nations!