Friday, January 25, 2008

"Send Revival" by Jesse Phillips

You always can tell that the Spirit of God is moving in a generation when the songwriters start coming forth and I am thrilled to discover that Jesse Phillips (my esteemed pastor-friend from the USA) has written a song - and what better subject than a cry for revival? It is available on You-Tube here;

Here are the lyrics;

"For every flame of love grown dim
And every passion that has died
For every prayer of faith that ceased
Ignite us once again inside
For every vision and godly ambition
Holy Spirit breathe new life

Send Revival
Send Revival
Send revival, Sovereign Lord
How we need You,Spirit, plead with You
Come revive our hearts once more

For every eye that needs to see
For every heart that now must know
For every city, land and place
To which the gospel now must go
And for your mission in this generation
Holy Spirit breathe new life

Come restore our first love
Come renew our hearts
In your time as you choose
We pray for revival".

As we grow older - and 2008 is another year - let's not face the horrendous fact that our love for God chills. Let us see 2008 as a stoking of the fire! Let us see the fires of revival in our hearts, our churches and our countries burn so that the ends of the earth will be covered with the glory of the Lord!

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