Friday, October 12, 2007

"Let Your Rain Fall Down" by Kate Simmonds

One of the songs I have been enjoying the most on the new Live Worship CD from "Together on a Misson 2007" was Kate Simmonds powerful song which is a cry for the Presence of God to come manifest itself amongst God's people - it's called "Let Your Rain Fall Down". One of my most vivid memories of singing this (and I think this is when the recording was done) was just after Rob Rufus had spoken to the conference and the Spirit of God was brooding over the conference hall. I found it quite difficult to actually stay standing up (which is a first for me during worship). I wasn't the only one - Scott and Pete did too! But here are the lyrics - if you want to truly experience how powerful it is then go buy the CD!

We Bow Before the Holy One (Let Your Rain Fall Down).

We bow before the Holy One as You meet us in this place,
Here we'll be still know You are God as You meet us in this place,
Abandoned to Your praise, I give my life to Your glory Lord.

Chorus: Let Your rain fall down, let Your rain fall down, let Your rain fall down - on us.

I hear the sound of heavy rain, let Your glory fill this place,
Oh power of heaven fall again, let Your glory fill this place,
This dry and weary land - cries out for Your revival, Mighty God!
God of Elijah send the rain, come and flood this land again,
With your justice and compassion with your hope and restoration,
With Your gospel of salvation come and heal this broken nation!

Let there be a visitation - change us with Your revelation,
With power to capture the attention, to captivate a generation,
Let us see Your glory Lord! Let us see Your glory!

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Anonymous said...

Love this, a wonderful song