Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pete Day Joins the Spirit of God! Blog!

Just to clarify in case anyone is confused by Pete Day's appearance on the "Contributers" list to this blog, I thought I would write why this exciting development has come about.

Peter and I became friends truly and properly in around 2001 through a mutual friend of ours - Peter Cockrell who was then pastor of Lansdowne in London. It is probably significant that we met up at the Word, Spirit and Power Conference held at Westminster Chapel and hosted by Dr R T Kendall. As Pete wrote, this conference seemed to symbolise that;

"We discovered a shared love of reformed theology, a passion for experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit, and a love for Ern Baxter".

Since then we have gone on to meet regularly for times of fellowship, prayer, fasting, worship and waiting and hearing from God - as well as attending key conferences together such as "Together on A Mission 2007"! It was a key prophetic word from Pete during a time of prayer in Bristol that led me to begin transcribing the mountain of Ern Baxter audiotapes that I have and try to find ways to begin making them available to the wider Church body.

Our friendship is co-equal yet he maintains a pastoral oversight into my life that very few other men have. I have a deep respect for him because he is privy to secret things in my life that I wouldn't trust to many others - yet he hasn't abused that trust - as many others have. He isn't afraid to speak words of correction into my life and I will hear those words from him because I know they are motivated out of a deep love for my best, whereas I may not listen to others because their motives aren't quite so clear.

I asked him to join me on the "Spirit of God!" blog as a co-author mainly because of the "Charismatic Resurgence" post. Pete was one of the first people I told about my dream of the tidal wave coming to Brighton and he shares my intense excitement and hope that God truly is on the move in our land and is indeed intending to bring a mighty deluge of His Spirit upon us. I can't keep up with the exciting blogs that are being published and I need his help. But as he graciously accepted that offer we agreed that anything else he may want to publish on this blog - he should have that freedom to as well. He asked me if he could send draft copies so I could check them before publishing. I refused. We are so one in spirit that I am confident what he writes, it is virtually 100% certain I will agree with it.

He is a unique man of God and I am so grateful to call him my friend. Watch out for his posts!


Anonymous said...

This is great and so encouraging. The Holy Club of your day!! May you brothers be blessed as you work together in unity!!

DR S Burgess

Anonymous said...

I agree - I think it's fab. You've always hinted at this shadowy figure who obviously pastors you so well and follows what you write. It's great and awesome that he's writing himself and joining you on joint ventures like this awesome thing. Can't wait for him to start adding posts!

Dan Bowen said...

I've removed that comment Anonymous. I really don't care if you have personal issues with me or if I have offended your authority in some way but you will not begin speaking that way of my friends.