Sunday, April 08, 2007

Rob Rufus on "Sustaining a Supernatural Move of the Holy Spirit"

I am sorry that the last post here was in February. I get carried away sometimes and post things over at "Life on Wings" that probably under my categories should be posted here. Ah well. I am still constantly listening and searching for examples of the awesome prophetic to publish here, so please don't think I have forgotten this site.

Here are a series of sermons that MUST be heard! If the tide is turning, and we can expect a massive tidal wave of the Holy Spirit to hit this barren land, then the wonderful Rob Rufus is already one step ahead. He addresses the question - how to SUSTAIN the move of God. I published a sermon of Ern Baxter's addressing that very theme - called "Ditch Diggers Revival". This is urgent! If we don't learn how to sustain a move of the Spirit then we will have the agonising experience of watching it ebb away like the Welsh Revival.

Rob Rufus preached them in Los Angeles, USA and there are 7 parts. Go download them before they get taken off-line!


jul said...

I listened to four sermons (Rob Rufus) on the drive up to Canada. They were incredible! I was either laughing or crying half the time. I haven't listened to these ones but don't worry I'll get to them. I heard two on the authoritative command for healing and my daughter has not been wearing her glasses ever since. She could not go without them at all and now she says she can see better without them. We'll be off to the eye doctor when we get home!

Dan Bowen said...


I am so growing to respect your daughter!! Is she the one who had that amazing dream!?! You are bringing up a true woman and prophet of God there!!