Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Field of Dandelions

I found this beautifully powerful, prophetic picture of a field of dandelions ready to "go". I think it captures something of the "terrifying" image that Terry Virgo spoke of at Stoneleigh 2001! Wow! Would that the Church was in that state!


Luke Wood said...

It's certainly an encouraging prophecy! After giving that particular prophecy, Guy Miller was given a large piece of artwork created for the last Stoneleigh which had the prophecy on it as well as the picture of the dandelion which was used throughout the conference that year. It was up on the wall at Bournemouth Family Church for years. A great encouragement!

Dan Bowen said...

Wow!! I'd love to see that piece of artwork! I'm actually very interested in the use of art as an expression of prophecy. My friend Pete had an awesome vision of a ship when we were praying together and he got an artist to paint it. As soon as I saw the ship we both said, "That's it!". God is so awesome how He uses visual expression to convey awesome truth!

I can't go past any dandelions now without being challenged and wondering about mobility!