Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Brief Intermission ...

I am continuing my series on "The Gift of Prophecy" by Ern Baxter, but I couldn't resist mentioning this outstanding transcript of a prophecy I found at this website. It was quite by accident actually. I was reading "The Blue Fish Project" and trying to figure out what on earth "Warnies" are. So this guy left a comment - and in reading through his blog, I found this. I think it's amazing and so encouraging.

Liberation Transmission.

I am more for you than you have ever thought. You have such a malicious enemy whom I hate, says the Lord. Such a malicious enemy who tries to lie to you day after day, movement after movement with hoards of followers trying to drag down my beautiful bride, my choice, my darling, my beloved, always trying to undermine your confidence in me, always trying to snatch away moments of delight, telling you how unworthy you are. I tell you I am more for you than you could ever dream.

I want you to allow my love for you to captivate you to be like a powerful warm air current, gathering you up into my presence where I can embrace you. I say to you, you earn no merit by feeling unworthy. You earn no merit by having your head down. You do not impress me by embracing condemnation and walking in the shadows. You do not impress me.

You impress me when you believe my words of life. You impress me when you take free mercy. You impress me when you put all of your confidence in blood that was shed out of love for you, when you turn away from every accusing words and once again apply faith to the finished work that I accomplished for you on the cross.

It was for you I suffered. It was for you I laid down my life. It was for you because you captured my heart. You are my joy. You are all that I did it for. I did not do this for some principle but for you. I have loved you and I am for you, beyond your wildest dreams. I am for you and I delight in you. I am always watching over you, knowing your thoughts from afar, knowing your down sitting, your up rising, knowing every sigh, every sigh. I know every sigh. I know every tear. I know every step that you take, says the Lord and I want you to know my love even more.

I want you to tread under foot the lies of the enemy. I want you to refuse them. I want you to mock the lies of the enemy. I want you to turn away and despise and cast aside lies and condemnation and the shadow that goes over your soul. I want you to gain a maturity that recognises that foul voice that says ‘it’s you again’ and throw it out and refuse it and reject it. I want you to know that you are forever my beloved and I want maturity that knows; I have the smile of my saviour. He came to save me. He didn’t come to condemn me. He didn’t come to show me how weak I am. He came because He knew how weak I am. And I want you to ever lift your face to the sunshine of my love. I want you to ever know the blood is enough for you.

And this way we shall win the world. This way we shall conquer. For I cannot conquer the world with ha bride pre-occupied with her failures. I cannot win the world with a bride overwhelmed with her sense of inadequacy I want you to take hold of my sufficiency for you. I want you to believe that I am enough for you. I am for you. And I tell you it’s time for you to throw off those fears and to embrace the wine of heaven. I want you to drink in the wine of heaven. I want you to taste and see that I am good, not for a fleeing emotion, but for strength in your inner man, that you can drink of heaven’s nectar, you can drink of heaven’s resources and you can know the strength of the Lord.

Come and drink. Come and receive. Refuse the poison that the enemy wants to feed into your drink and drink the wine of heaven that I have loved you freely, that when you have run out, when you are embarrassed by your inadequacy, I keep the best wine. I can Supply. I cam meet your need in a moment. A word from me is enough for you. I want you to live there, says the Lord, I want you to enjoy my provision and drink from my ability to meet your need, says the Lord.

Prophesy delivered at a church I had the privilege of visiting recently.

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