Sunday, July 09, 2006

Blogging the Spirit of God?

I came away from the Brighton Leadership Conference with the passionate conviction that the Spirit of God needed to be higher up on my agenda. Both Rob Rufus's very practical sessions on the Anointing and David Holden's excellent message on "Ministers of the Spirit" (about which I shall be blogging today over at "Life on Wings") provoked me and challenged me. I begun in the Spirit - am I continuing in Him? David Holden so challenged me by asking; "Is it a question of limiting tongues in your church to 2 or 3, or asking when did you last have one?".

Secondly I have been so excited to meet a new contact in the blogosphere - Jon Cressey - who runs the extremely impressive "Prophetic Reformation". His conviction? "Authentic prophetic ministry is so valuable - when it is in action hope, faith and encouragement sweep through the church. We have to address this issue with urgency...". I don't want at all to sweep in and steal what he has done. I hope rather that this blog will be more of a case of "running with him" so I can learn from him and hopefully encourage him that I share his convictions! He has written an amazing adaptation to the Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards called: "Personal Agenda". Here are just a few:

To wholeheartedly give myself to God and the relentless pursuit of intimacy with Him in prolonged periods of prayer.

To earnestly seek the companionship and presence of the Holy Spirit and to be increasingly more sensitive to His direction and leading.

To expose myself to apostolic teaching, and to pray that God will open my eyes more fully to the revelation of the apostolic.

To ask God to give me revelation of a life that is counter culture and for insight to the truth that can change and transform me.

To actively fulfill my ministry calling, 'to restore hope in the heart of the believer', through the ministry of the Spirit.

To be mindful of where I have been allowing discouragement toturn me from being a Pioneer to where I have embraced a Settler mentality.

To be mindful of the over-whelming call of the Spirit to mission and the role of the Spirit in mission.

Finally ...

Those who follow "Life on Wings" with any regularity know that every now and then I have diverted from the aim of that website - which is to publish as much of the ministry of Dr Ern Baxter as I can humanly manage - into waxing lyrical about my passions of the Holy Spirit, His Person and Ministry. I hope by running this blog, I can free up more space there for more of Dr Ern Baxter's ministry - and write here without guilt!

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